Planning of joint project days, artistic impulses and evaluations



In a three-year project phase (2023 - 2025), the cooperation between boat people projekt and the Hainberg Gymnasium will be continued and stabilized. Through a basic funding of the program SCHULE: KULTUR conceptual discussions, evaluations and first offers will be tried out and reflected. At the moment we are planning offers such as "snack trainings" with the staff (improvisation games and exercises as icebreakers), a "Kult-Puls" (artistic impulses for lesson design), project support and concept development for e.g. interdisciplinary smaller projects. These formats and their concrete design are discussed and further developed at a round table together with interested colleagues and students.

Furthermore, intensive project days with the students and specific workshops are planned.



Nadja Haghpanah and Anna-Katharina Hesse (for the Hainberg-Gymnasium)
Alexandra Hensel, Sonja Elena Schroeder, Nina de la Chevallerie (for boat people project)

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