Since the beginning of the pandemic, the team around boat people projekt has been dealing with the questions of how sustainability can be better implemented in social and ecological terms, both in production processes and in the program and in contact with alliance partners, in regular team meetings and through further and advanced training. In addition, questions of access are discussed:

Who feels invited to events and socio-cultural offers in our venue WERKRAUM so far? But who is not (yet)? What are the reasons?

Questions regarding the implementation of the lowest possible barrier in the theater, at the venues and in the implementation of the program on an artistic and socio-cultural level are discussed and implemented as quickly and productively as possible.

The team seeks help here through external consultations and an advanced training program, currently, for example, through the Lower Saxony Foundation and the NOW program.

The team and further training opportunities were made possible by the program "Profile:Socioculture" from the Fonds Soziokultur.

Image descriptions:

Image above: Introductory event for a play in Russian.

Pictures below: Internal training on the question of barrier-free voice and speech exercises and renovation work for new workshop room.




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