Since 2009 we have been working as a free theater in Göttingen in various constellations with a focus on the topic of flight and migration. We are organized as an association and collective.

After we have been working from 2015 -2018 in the former Institute for Scientific Film (IWF), we used the sound studio there as a theater(Theater im ehemaligen IWF), we moved and open the new venue WERKRAUM in Stresemannstraße in Göttingen in February 2019. The WERKRAUM offers space for about 80 spectators and is located in the Weststadt in Göttingen at Levinschen Park, it is about 10 minutes by bike from the train station.

In terms of content, we continue to deal with socio-political issues and the question of the possibilities of political theater. We strive for comprehensive diversity both in the program and in the composition of the artistic teams and partners in the projects. Together we search for themes, forms and narrative strategies to make theater today an experience for a diverse audience.

For the past three years, our project has included an established socio-cultural program in addition to the drama productions, which changes and adapts in format, target groups and content each season depending on demand and topics. More information about our socio-cultural program can be found HERE.

In addition, we offer counseling for emigrated and refugee professional stage artists, we share information about funding opportunities for projects and provide access to a large network with other theaters, groups and institutions.

Over time, we have become aware that our name labels people we work with. Since we want to prevent this as much as possible, the name is currently up for discussion. Due to the increasing awareness of the group's work, it is difficult to make a radical change. The process around this question is not yet finished.

The productions and projects are financed almost exclusively by project funds, which are applied for in each case. Donations to the association can also be accepted in return for a donation receipt. The account number of the association boat people projekt e.V. is: DE 79 2605 0001 0056 067374.


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