people of boat people projekt




... was born just a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, loves the sun and trashy music. Writes novels and plays.



...likes to think up new things, loves art and technology. Likes it colorful and does not understand why you should always wear socks in pairs. an actress and has been involved from the beginning. She likes to move and believes that movement makes us feel a little more at home in the world. Likes to sit under nut trees. Enjoys everything that succeeds. Takes care of guest performance requests.



... designs, helps and supports where she can. Does a one-year internship at boat people projekt until the end of August 2022 and has a lot of fun doing it!



... works as an actor and director in northern Germany. With the Hamburg theater group Die AZUBIS he feels most at home in classrooms, cemeteries, Gucci, the neighborhood or in bunkers and fills them with a lot of trash and poetry. Computer - and board games are not his thing, nevertheless or just because of that he has already realized two game - theater projects with the boat people projekt. He has two daughters and likes Bud Spencer movies.



... coordinates, communicates, organizes, writes, reads, pushes back and forth, scurries from A to B. Believes very firmly in human reason and a little bit that everything will somehow fall into place.




... Sings 90% of the time throughout the day. Sits by the sea for hours and watches the constant changes. Drinks a lot of tea (preferably fresh mint with ginger and lots of honey). Takes pictures of everything that is exciting in her eyes. Likes to talk to strangers about God and the world.



... founded the label together with Nina. She writes plays, some of which she directs herself, and novels. The many international friendships that have developed through bpp have taken Luise abroad many times in recent years.



...graduated in 1994 from the College of Theater Arts in Damascus, where she was also born. Has been working as an actress in the theater since then, and had different roles in the series and movies and as a voice actress. Lives in Hanover with her family since 2014, dreams to continue acting.



... would love to make films, stage plays, work as a dramaturge, make video art, or act in film or theater.... but then who will pay the rent?



...loves the smell and taste of coffee and vanilla, reads too much newspaper and too little in books, wishes it was the other way around. Hobbies: watching movies, shopping. Loves the word boutique, but can't stand boutiques, nor namedropping, nor pseudo stuff. Tries to become a better person every day and greets the groundhog every day. Tries not to be corrupted, but therefore cannot pursue her second hobby satisfactorily. Motto: let it be.



... deals with theater in people and people in theater. Combines ethnology and theater. Is in the here and there. Brazilian and has been living in Germany for six years. Performed as a professional actress for 20 years in more than 30 theater shows. Participating currently in the second project invited by boat people projekt, called "Next Level".



... invents and devises inactive gaming theater format, but hates board games. Likes to experiment musically and in (video) images. Finds theater should be political. Wants to save the world.



... likes to act and perform between fiction and reality - with GRENZFALL EUROPA already for the third time with boat people projekt. Founded together with Katja the Treibkraft.Theater in Hamm, which plays with theatrical interventions in people's everyday lives and in public space. Loves working as an actor and as a theater educator in equal measure.



... left her natural habitat of the sailing ship to discover the land world. Met a wonderful theater group and now sorts cables instead of ropes. Studies Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology and Digital Humanities on the side and finds various links to the boat people project in both fields.

... Plays, directs and writes plays, works as a theater pedagogue (although he is actually a psychologist) and is the founder of the Göttingen Theater Festival of people with and without disabilities. Loves traveling, long board game evenings, going to concerts and is annoyed by the pandemic.



...has been a full-time editor at the theater magazine since 2011. Believes that we all have an inner colonial master and don't kill it by simply putting a "post" in front of it. Likes to go for walks a lot. with in the sister's heart. Comes from the sea, always plays in the sea, flows endlessly into the sea and has eternal longing for the sea.



... loves the films of Yorgos Lanthimos. Believes in sisterhood and solidarity. Likes humorous people. Gets the best ideas late at night. Enjoys unconventional theatre.



... is an international performer and artist. Lives in Pietermaritzburg/South Africa and is not only just a performer but also a founder of Empith Empowering Project. Worked with different theater and arts development compagnies in South Africa and abroad. Is also a Yoth leader and speaker programme which recognised by UNESCO.



... studied in Hannover, works in Göttingen, loves the new and the challenge. Learns, teaches and plays.



... born 1985 in Syria, studied her Bachelor in Dance at the "Higher Institute of Arts" in Damascus and Dance Pedagogy at the Folkwang University in Essen. Worked at the National Ballet School of Syria and the "Higher Institute of Arts" as a dance teacher and choreographer from 2006 to 2014. Performed with her dance company in many international dance festivals around the world (including Germany, China, Ukraine, Spain, Egypt, Dubai, Tunisia, Iraq and Morocco). Worked as a professional freelance dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and performer.



... founded the label together with Luise at that time. Produces and directs since then mostly very lively. Connects people and improves her english currently.



...plays theater, loves the interactions and processes in workshops, loves to dance and often hums to herself. Languages and (related) food fascinate her.

... keeps the numbers in order in the background - and really enjoys doing it. But is also in the mountains or by the sea as often as possible.



...born in Damascus, studied acting at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media
writes, directs, plays but above all tries to think. Was always interested in German sayings but the saying "through mistakes you learn" is his favorite.



... loves writing and dance. Spent the best years of her life trying to build opposition in the performing arts field in Egypt... and ended up at Wilmersdorf in Berlin. Misses the stage.



...lives for the art of encounter. Brings people, projects and ideas together. Is happiest when all those who belong together find each other.



...born in 1982 in Balochistan. Works as a photographer, model and actor. Loves gardening and apple trees. lost in the southernmost tip of German-speaking climes in the theater. Likes spicy Asian food and deconstruction. Thinks the moon is a video projection screen. Is on the hunt for the babble fish. Tries to master the 4th dimension with childlike desperation.


... plays all instruments she can get her hands on - but preferably violin and piano. Likes to sing often on the Göttingen stages, writes poems, songs and short stories. Studied musicology, philosophy and German philology and brings her creativity to the boat people project since 2019.



... Builds flashing lights and other crazy ideas with technology. Often has a book or camera in hand.



... likes to be in the spotlight on stage, but also works tirelessly in the background. Has accompanied boat people projekt for as long as he has lived in Germany. Misses his family in Afghanistan.



... works at the intersection of knowledge and cultural production - as a cultural anthropologist, filmmaker, editor. Sometimes misses the mountains, but continues to live in Berlin. And Brandenburg, since recently. Because it's nicest somewhere else.



... came across the boat people project for the first time in 2021, stuck to the production title and just stayed. Since then she has been more on the road in front of the stage than backstage, spent a winter in the backend and now looks forward to making the WERKRAUM unsafe every Friday with the Theater-Kinderclub.



... was born in Damascus, likes to read the news before sleeping. Steals avocados and will do so forever. Gets goose bumps when he sees Picasso's Guernica - even if it's on a postcard. As a stage designer, sees the theater as a sketch that wants to be a drawing.



...photographs for the label and for others. Loves the Baluchi and German languages. Reads everything he can get his hands on.