Through our work, we are in constant contact with people who are in acute need or whose relatives are suffering hardship in their countries of origin. Through donations that we have received in recent years, we have been able to help several people. We are very grateful to all donors!

Most recently (beginning of November 2022), we received an urgent request from an Afghan man whose mother is in need of help in Afghanistan and whose brother is fleeing in mortal danger. Also, family members of other participants of our youth groups, who have stayed in Syria, for example, have great financial problems.

We are in confidential contact with all those seeking help.
Therefore, we hope for financial donations that can directly and quickly support individual people in need.

Donations are possible via PayPal(HERE) or via our association account under boat people projekt, IBAN DE79 2605 0001 0056 0673 74 (donation receipts can be issued:

Thank you very much!


Donation account: boat people projekt, IBAN DE79 2605 0001 0056 0673 74

Donations to the association can also be accepted in exchange for a donation receipt. Just contact us by mail at