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La Langue Des Oiseaux / The Language of the Birds / The Language of the Birds



A two-year Erasmus Plus project that connects a total of five theaters and cultural institutions in Europe and Senegal that want to address the issue of flight and migration in a cultural, artistic and social context and expand access to culture and society.

The project tests and discusses artistic and cultural pedagogical methods for people with diverse mother tongues and backgrounds - both in a professional, but especially in a socio-cultural context - with partners from the other countries:

How are people who do not (yet) speak the language of the majority integrated into cultural offerings in the different countries/cultural institutions? How can a political and cultural landscape in the EU look like in order to promote inter- & transcultural encounters and exchange especially in the artistic context? Together, the partner organizers discuss, try out and document their answers to these questions in participatory workshops locally, but also in close exchange at a total of 12 international meetings in two years - at which various conferences, workshops, think tanks, network meetings and artistic events take place.


Project partners

The participating partners besides boat people projekt from Göttingen are the theater MALTE from Ancona/Italy as project initiator, followed by the NGO Linguapax Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain), which is committed to the preservation of linguistic and cultural diversity, the theater festival Sens Interdits (Lyon/France), which takes place every two years and invites international artists:inside who deal with the themes of identity and memory, political resistance, and Djarama Theater School and Cultural Center in Ndayane near Dakar (Senegal).


Further travels

Lyon/ France, to the theater festival Sens Interdits - October 16 - 23, 2023
Dakar/ Senegal - November 22 - December 01, 2023