... a theatrical game arrangement on the subject of work and life realities


A game course leads the audience as teams through the fictitious (working) lives of Isadora, Zeinab and Alfons. In a colorful experimental set-up, they face the challenges and (in)fairness of the job market. The teams decide on their training and career paths and have to contend with life's circumstances and the bizarre twists and turns of everyday working life.

In this somewhat different game of life, we fish for the "best" jobs, join in the wheel of fate, do our best in the course of soft and hard skills and hope again and again that life means well with us. It's not fair, after all, we are playing a parlor game .

Anyone of working age who wants to have an informal debate about "good work", play for big life decisions and experience curious moments of happiness can play. Come alone or as a team, with your grandma, your neighbor, your work colleagues - does work stop the fun? This fun game is hard work, it's playful fun!


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Language: German

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Admission: from 18.30


Good German language skills are required for the game.

Most of the game stations are wheelchair accessible.
There are no fixed seats, in places the game takes place standing up. However, there is always the option to sit down if necessary. In some sequences, however, you will have to change seats briefly.

However, we will do our best to find good solutions for everyone! If you have any questions, please contact us in advance and/or come directly to the WERKRAUM for early boarding at 6.30 pm.
Birte Müchler: b.muechler@boatpp.de, 0172 4086019

What's behind it?

The working and living realities of working people in Germany differ greatly. The significance of work in individual life plans also varies. This game poses the question: What does "good work" mean and how do we find individual, creative, social and political scope for shaping it? In times of (post-)corona, a shortage of skilled workers, poverty in old age, home office, inflation, high housing and energy prices as well as increased depression and burn-out diagnoses, the topic is once again moving into the socio-political focus.



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Tickets can be purchased online at www.reservix.de, at all known advance booking offices and directly at the box office. - Ticket prices: We want culture to be affordable for everyone and offer a so-called solidarity contribution: There are three price levels (6€/ 10€/ 15€ + VVK fee), which are freely selectable. - Culture ticket: Students of the University of Göttingen receive FREE ADMISSION for remaining tickets at the box office.



Concept: Team
Game design: Beatriz Beyer, Susanna Höfer, Paula Kottwitz, Birte Müchler, Sonja Elena Schroeder
Set and stage design: Carlotta Scheit and team
Technical equipment: Paula Kottwitz, Nellie Lackschewitz
Artistic direction: Sonja Elena Schroeder
Project management: Birte Müchler

Beatriz Beyer, Jan Huttanus, Charlotte Kaletsch, Kathrin Müller-Grüß, Leonie Rosenplänter, Lukas Strüber




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