With Rauda Al-Taha, Muhje Söllner and Luise Rist, with musical accompaniment


DIVAN uses poetic texts in Arabic and German to tell the story of the encounter between two women: Rauda Al-Taha from Syria and Luise Rist from Göttingen. The two have written, as if in correspondence, about the current conditions in Syria and the neighboring region and their effects, which are also felt in Germany. This mutual inspiration has resulted in a cycle of poems and short prose from very different perspectives: On the one hand, the perspective of the refugee author, who writes from a position of exile about her country of origin and about what is happening there; on the other hand, the German author, who describes the consequences of the events on Europe. Subliminally, it is also about the possibility and impossibility of language and understanding. Muhje Söllner, who translated the poems into the other language, talks about the challenges of translation in the following discussion. The musician Al Gbash, who comes from Aleppo, will play the oud. The reading and discussion will be moderated by journalist Eva Völker.



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Authors: Raudah Al-Taha and Luise Rist
Translation: Muhje Söllner
Project management and moderation: Eva Völker
Live music: Al Gbash and Konni
Technique: Paula Kottwitz
Project management : Nina de la Chevallerie

In cooperation with Museum Friedland


The authors


Rauda Taha Al-Taha

born 1973 in Raqqa, Syria, director of the Taha Al-Taha Museum in Raqqa until the outbreak of war. In 2000, her literary texts on visual arts were awarded, the prize was given by Kuwaiti Princess Dr. Souad Sabah. She published short stories in the newspaper "Saut Al-Rafiqa" in Raqqa, lectured at international gatherings on visual arts, researched on the history of prehistoric and Islamic times and their influence on contemporary art. She has been living in Germany with her husband and three daughters since December 2015. 2020 Publication of her text "The story of a flight - from Raqqa to Celle" by the State Office for Migration and Participation.


Luise Rist

born 1970 in Ludwigshafen, author and theater director. After studying Romance and German Studies (M.A. Free University of Berlin), she was dramaturg at the Deutsches Theater Göttingen from 1999 to 2007. Admission with first own plays to the Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main, since 2004. Since 2007 freelance author, co-founder of the Free Theater boat people projekt, Göttingen. In addition to numerous plays, she wrote the young adult novels Rosenwinkel (2015) and Morgenland (2018), both published by cbt Randomhouse. Luise Rist lives in Göttingen.



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