For all interested people between approx. 17 and 27 years of age


What topics are important to you, what stories do you want to tell? We bring our talents together, learn as a team what it means to be on stage. Some of you have theater experience, others not at all, some are just learning German, others are native speakers of German - everyone who wants to develop a play with the group VÖGEL and put it on stage next spring is welcome.

During acting exercises, scenic rehearsals or even creative writing, an exchange in many languages develops, friendships begin, a swarm forms that thinks together and flies off together.


Date: every Thursdayg from 19 to 21 clock (time still variable depending on the wishes of the participants).

First meeting: Thursday, September 14

Location: WEKRAUM (Stresemanstr. 24c, Göttingen)

Direction: Luise Rist, Natascha Wellmann-Rizo

Supported by our young "Ambassadors" Ninoska Mejia and Yency Ordonez Guapi




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