In cooperation with the Foyer International of the University of Göttingen


The Foyer International is an institution of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Its goal is to connect international students and create space for exchange. The regular activities there are always free of charge and do not require prior registration for students. Everyone can participate at any time!

We also offer a regular activity within this framework: Every Tuesday evening during the semester, between 6-10 students meet in the Foyer International for a theater workshop, which takes place in cooperation with us. The troupe is a motley crew of players from Nepal, India, Tunisia, France, Italy and Germany. Some of them have never played theater before and enjoy this completely different approach to get into conversation and play with each other.

In addition to light body and voice work, they fantasize and improvise so that the beams bend. But also quiet and tender things find their place in guided exercises and scenes.


Direction: Franziska Aeschlimann

More information about Foyer International is available here: